Frozen Gourmet
The Frozen GourmetT offers a tough design, maximum merchandising flexibility, unmatched service ease, and new generation electronics, raising sales volume at every location.
  • The highest capacity glass front frozen/refrigerated merchandiser in the industry means you fill less and sell more. Offer your customers the selection they deserve.
  • Sell entrees and single serve items on the same shelf to maximize your space to sales ratio. Vertical shelf height adjustments can be made in 1" increments.
  • Dedicated selection interface provides the most customer friendly selection interface
  • Three temperature ranges with user adjustable set points in each range. Operate Hard Freeze, Slack Freeze or Refrigerated.
  • Triple pane heated glass prevents condensation
  • Foamed in place cabinet and door for increased energy efficiency and insulation properties.
  • Retractable delivery door insures precise internal temperature control and enhances product security
  • Large capacity refrigeration system(3/4 HP compressor) enables pull down times of two hours in challenging 95F/70%RH environments.
  • Programmable defrost with electronic control
  • Slide out monetary allows easy access to systems without opening the main door
  • Product storage tray for dozens of entrees or novelties to avoid extra trips to the truck. Holds up to 32 standard size entrees.
  • Fits through 36" commercial door

Machine Specifications


Height: 72 inches
Depth: 37 inches
Width: 48.75 inches
Weight: 881 lbs.

* Temperature Ranges:

Refrigerated Food: 34F to 38F
Soft Frozen Food: 0F to 12F
Hard Frozen Food: -10F to -3F

* Operation:


* Electrical Rating

115 Volts
16 amps
(Requires a 20 amp circuit)

*Optional Features

Dollar Bill Validators: Mars, Coinco, Conlux
Coin Mechanisms: Mars, Coinco, Conlux
MDB Ready (Standard)
DEX Harness (Standard)
Dual Spirals (Standard)
Data Printer
Money Box Lock
Van Lock and Key
Flex Ace lock and key
Base Grille
Delivery Pan Cushion

*Electronic Features

Multiple Pricing
Data Recall (by selection, tray, priceline or machine)
Time and Date capabilities
Winner Mode (1:10 to 1:9,999)
Discount Mode
Inhibit Mode
Programmable scrolling message display

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