Hot Drink Center 2
Hot Drink Center 2- Simply the most profitable hot beverage vendor available. With Full-Brew, 20 oz. cups, more selectivity, SureVendT and a dramatic new look, the choice is clear.
  • Compelling and appetite-appealing graphics are highlighted by an attractive backlit display that calls out and complements the new and improved shadow box menu board, improving the overall coffee experience and environment. It's a look customers won't be able to resist.
  • Providing larger cup sizes along with an outstanding cup of coffee gives consumers the quality and value they desire and are willing to pay more for. The Hot Drink Center 2 provides that dynamic by offering up to a 20 oz. cup size that competes effectively with retail coffee outlets.
  • Two additional blended selections provide more variety to accommodate consumer preferences. Blending ratios can be adjusted from 15% to 85% providing complete taste profile flexibility. Now you can provide as many as 11 choices to your customers.Nestled within the inviting cup station, the serving light lets consumers know their beverage is being brewed.
  • "Easy Thread" filter paper system is dramatically simplified and provides the perfect balance between brew quality and ease of use.
  • Drop down grinder makes easy grinder adjustments with our drop down design. Easily, locks back into place for operation.
  • Enhanced nozzle design improves flow of product to prevent clogging. Mixing bowls designed for a superior wash pattern.
  • Translucent canisters open easily and lock in place for convenient product filling. Stackable 4" Extensions are available for more capacity.
  • Cup canisters tilt out to make loading easy. Incremental sizes from 5 oz. to 20 oz. allow you to generate the best value proposition for consumers and an ROI to match most manual cups approved for use.
  • Removable, molded floor liner catches spills and reduces cleaning maintenance time.

Machine Specifications

* Cups(approximate)

600 - 12 oz.
530 - 14 oz.
380 - 16 oz.
358 - 20 oz.

* Dry Product

Coffee canister - 14 lbs. beans; 13 lbs. ground coffee
Decaf canister - 9.5 lbs. beans; 9 lbs. ground decaf
Flavored gourmet coffees - 6 lbs.
Chocolate - 10 lbs.
Freeze dry coffee - 2 lbs.
Sugar - 11 lbs
Lightener - 4.5 lbs

(See Operator's Guide or call for complete canister specifications)


Height: 72 inches
Depth: 33.75 inches
Width: 38.13 inches
Weight: 570 lbs

* Operation:


* Electrical Rating

115 Volts
16 amps (Requires a 20 amp circuit)

* Optional Features

Dollar Bill Validators: Mars, Coinco, Conlux
Coin Mechanisms: Mars, Coinco, Conlux
MDB Ready (Standard)
DEX Harness (Standard)
Data Printer
Money Box Lock
Van Lock and Key
Flex Ace lock and key
Base Grille
Everpure Water Filtration System
Hydrolife Water Filtration System
Automatic Door
4" Canister Extension Sleeves
Sugar Substitute
Free Vend Key Switch

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