Fastcorp Ice Cream Machine

Unsurpassed Reliability

No Moving Parts in the Freezer TM facilitates long term, low cost operation
Chest freezer design requires minimal maintenance
The longest hold time of any frozen vending machine during a power loss (12-20 hours)

Excellent Merchandising
"Eye-Catching" graphics
Back-lit card system offers superior merchandising of frozen food and ice cream products
The machine always looks full

Highest Product Quality
Chest freezer maintains product integrity (no shock damage to ice cream)
First in, first out inventory (FIFO)
Fast loading bin system decreases exposure to room temperature air

Technical Superiority
Up to 18 selections with a typical 400+ unit inventory capacity for ice cream
Vends products of all shapes and sizes including bins to accommodate frozen foods
Most energy efficient frozen merchandiser
Minimal preventative maintenance

Consumer Satisfaction
Machine guarantees product delivery or machine refunds automatically
The robotic "show" is fun and attracts attention to the F631 and surrounding machines

Dimensions: Height-72", Width- 35.5", Depth-34.4"
Weight: 580lbs Electrical: 115V, 60Htz, 10Amps 2-year limited warranty

This frozen merchandiser can vend anything from ice cream to frozen food, all from the same machine!

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