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Crane Merchandising Systems continues to innovate with the latest addition to its extensive product range - the dual temperature Climate. The Climate is flexible and versatile, both in machine configuration and range of products and offers operators a unique and compact vending solution which is ideal for small sites.
Machines are equipped with an adjustable divider which separates perishable foods and bottles from standard snacks and confectionery items. This health control feature allows food, snack, confectionery and bottled drinks to be offered from one single machine, maximizing the vending opportunities for environments with limited space.
  • The Climate offers dual temperature zones separated by an adjustable divider shelf.
  • The divider can be move to create the specification most suited to the machine's location or user profile.
  • The Climate can help provide a healthy vending option for schools and spots centers.
  • The Climate is fitted with SureVend tm technology, the guaranteed product delivery system, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Machine Specs

* Standard

Snack Items: 100 items
Snack: 136 items
Cold Drink: 96

* Specifications

Height: 72 inches
Depth: 39.63 inches
Width: 38.13 inches
Weight: 734 lbs.

* Temperature Control

Programmable temperature range 35 degrees F to 37 degrees F with health control enabled
and 35 degrees F to 73 degrees F with health control disabled.

* Optional Features

Dollar Bill Validators: Mars, Coinco, Conlux, Cashcode
Coin Mechanisms: Mars, Coinco, Conlux
MDB Ready (standard)
Money Box Lock
Flex Ace Lock and Key
Van lock and key
Ventilating Fan
Base Grille
Delivery Pan Cushion

*Electronic Features

Multiple Pricing
Data Recall (by selection, tray, priceline or machine)
Time and Date capabilities
Winner Mode (1:10 to 1:9,999)
Discount Mode
Inhibit Mode
Programmable scrolling message display
Free Vend
Electronic Coupling of Selections for Larger Products

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